WOD: 11-15-12

Versus WOD L1:  Complete the following:

5 x 1  Power Clean (85/45)

Versus WOD L2:  Complete the following:

5 x 1 Power Clean(135/75)

Loads increase by 20/10 after every round as long as they can still be increased.


There are three things to cover here.  Please read all of me…

I know you read the workout and were thinking about how perfect I am, but you must be wondering how short this workout is going to be.  Fear not, this workout can be VERY long.  Here are da rulez:

  1. In order to earn the right to Clean the bar and get “1 rep” you must first compete against your partner in a “buy-in” challenge
  2. The first person to reach “5 reps” wins
  3. Each challenge will be different and they are:
    1. 30 Burpees
    2. 30 Pull Ups
    3. 30 Calorie Row
    4. 30 Box Jumps
    5. 30 Double Unders
  4. After one person has finished the buy-in challenge, they have to complete the Clean in order to get their “1 rep”
  5. Each round is only over once a Clean has been done by either person, so if your opponent finishes the buy-in challenge before you, keep going, because they may struggle just enough on the Clean to give you a chance to catch up
  6. If all of the challenges have been done before one person reaches “5 reps”, then you will the challenges back at the Burpees and continue until there is a winner
  7. There will be a one minute rest after the last team has finished
  8. For the L2, the weight must be added during your rest period
  9. If you are doing the L2, but reach a limitation on the weight you can lift, stop adding weights and stay at the last load you finished
  10. If you have any questions, don’t.  Re-read the rules until it makes sense
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